Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arrivederci Kansas - final TNW's

It's been an amazing 6+ years here, but it's now time to move back to the West Coast. Kristine and I will be hitting the road for San Francisco area June 28th. We have our wedding week in Lake Tahoe right after we bet there and settled into our new place. Tahoe is amazing and should get plenty of good riding, relaxing, recharging, but more importantly, getting wedding and spending time with family. I put racing on hold right after the Bonebender race to focus on getting the house here ready to sell and getting rid of all the unnecessary crap that was starting to own me. Still riding enough to keep some fitness but it hasn't been the priority lately. I'll get into the race scene back there when i'm ready. I just want/need to get some good riding in first and explore the new terrain, figure out the local scene, group rides, etc. It will be nice to have HILLS again and there are plenty around the East Bay area where we will be.
My 2 trucks were loaded onto a car carrier this morning and are already on there way, so I rode into work this morning. Very sticky.
Last night Worlds was definately a hot and sticky one. I hadn't really done much out there all year except for a couple finishes in top 10, but nothing close to top 5. I rolled off the front after the neutral lap and got my first solo laps in quite a while. After a few laps I was joined by Andrew Coe, Tom Price, and and another guy. I was hoping it would be easier with 4 than it had been with just me. WRONG. Those guys were flying and it was all I could just staying on the back. I tried to take my share of the work but i had nothing to contribute and probably disrupted the rotation a time or 2 trying. After a few laps I drifted back to the group to recover a bit. Those guys ended up staying away till the end. I hid out in the group for the last 15 minutes and just tried to follow some smart wheels and get across the line safe, somewhere around 10th maybe.

Thanks to everybody for all the great memories.