Friday, July 2, 2010

Witness Protection Program

That's what it feels like out here: New home, new job, new everything. Still feel like i'm on vacation, but this time, i just happen to get a job and stay. It was a long haul getting here and a lot of planning but definately well worth it. The cool dry air, ocean breeze, and new riding terrain, with HILLS, is awesome. The road riding is spectacular. The weather has been pretty much the exact same every day for 23 straigh days: Perfect. A few warm days inland but the low humidity and cool ocean breeze makes it. Our wedding week in Tahoe was awesome. Couldn't have asked for anything better. Getting settled in, finding the local group rides, getting the new job dialed in. Moving is a pretty stressfull ordeal. So is getting married and starting new jobs. Now do all 3 inside of 2 weeks. I wouldn't recommend it, but i'm glad we did it all at once and can now focus on moving forward.

Yes, that water is cold in Lake Tahoe

The amount of MTB trails in Tahoe is just mind boggling, and breath taking.

The view from Donner Pass looking back towards Donner Lake and Truckee at the far end

The wedding location William B. Layton Park in Tahoe City

The new home: Downsized a bit....

and the the yard is easier to take care of (right Joe?)

The happy couple

The view from the top of Mt. Diablo. That's my home...3800ft down there. North Bay and Mount Tam in the distance.