Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Midwest Fat Tire Series – Dornword (Topeka) KS

Another HOT and HUMID day, but at least it wasn’t as hot as last years all-time record. The trail system that Tom Travis has put together out there is pretty impressive and very technical. Some good rain Saturday morning made the course a little slick in some spots but overall made for perfect traction. I got the hole shot with Greg Shimonek and Stephen Jarret all over me. I led for the first lap and a half but with ½ the race still to go had to throttle back and conserve. Greg shot by and was gone. I was able to stay ahead of Stephen for a while but it was just holding him up so once he got by he was gone. I basically just rode the 3rd lap in survival mode and settle for 3rd place in Vet EXpert. Kent McNeil (Trek Store – Omaha) put the wood to the Expert class. Former team-mate on CowTown Tige Lamb came in 2nd after a race long battle with Badger’s Cameron Chambers.

NOTE: No picture because my photographer, the lovely Kristine, was in California visiting with her family.

Heartland Series – Crowder Lake, Trenton MO

HOT and HUMID would be an understatement. Plenty of knats buzzing around. At least the course up there is more of what I can go fast on. Plenty of big-ring flying with only a few short climbs. Managed to come through lap one right with the leader (sort off teammate) Greg Shimonek (Trek Store – Omaha) and had Kevin Limpack (Trek Store-Omaha) right on my rear wheel. I couldn’t hold Kevin off and settled into holding down my 3rd place spot to the finish.

Midwest Fat Tire Series - Drywood Creek State Park – Farlington, KS

Some heavy rains in the KC area scared a lot of people away. The course, located about 90 minutes due south of the metro received a good soaking in the early morning hours but the weather was great during the race. I was off and running away with the vet expert win but still needed a fast time towards the overall. I was able to stay with (younger) Expert rider Jason Stiger for most of the race but the heat started to get to me. On this course, once you start loosing speed over the rocks, it’s all over from there. Cameron Chambers was WELL up the trail easily taking the fastest time of the day with Jason 2nd and myself (winning Vet) coming in 3rd overall. Me and Kristine enjoyed a nice picnic after the race but had to run for cover then an impressive storm came through the race site. Heavy rain, thunder and lighting lasted about 30 minutes.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lou Gets Her Summer 'Do

My loving little white Westie got her summer hair cut and looks even more adorable then ever!

KC Cup - Heartland Series #4 - Blue Springs, MO

After several well-deserved weekends off to live life like a normal human being, The KC Cup kicked off the mtb fun again. This is the 2nd race in the Heartland Series (after the first 2 rained out and rescheduled) We had quite a bit of rain leading up to the race but the organizers did a great job of working with the course. It was quite muddy and slick the first lap but started to dry up and got very sticky in the later laps. Got the holeshot and just worked up the first technical climb with 1 guy hanging on to me. I was able to get a small gap and worked it till I was out of sight, then set my attention towards catching as many of the Pro/Semi/19-29 experts that I could. Only caught 2 since we started many minutes after them. Hung on for the win in 30-39 Expert and expanded my lead in that series. Looking forward to getting as many races done before the real heat hits us later this summer. Ciao.

Rhett's Run - Columbia, MO

May 6th was the next round of the Midwest Fat Tires Series, aka Rhetts Run, out in Columbia Mo. That day saw some of the worse rain and flooding that Kansas City has seen in a long time. I looked at the live doppler radar in the internet and it looked like the race had a slim chance to happen rain free so we left KC in a total down pour. It poured all the way to about 15 miles west of Columbia then the sky opened up to a gorgeous day. The course was in perfect shape and definitely is well suited more my speed and technical prowess. I got the hole shot and never looked back. Had the fastest time of the day which sure helps out in the overall championship . A few sprinkles during the awards but the rain held off. Then the drive home. Just as we got on I70 to head towards KC, the heavens opened up and it was BAD. Traffic on I70 stopped or slowed to about 5mph several times, and I actually pulled off and stopped twice which says a lot since I can drive through ANYTHING. It poured all the way back to KC. Ciao

Crocodile Rock - Perry Lake, KS

Today was round #3 of the Heartland Series. This was actually the first race in the series since the first two were rained out and rescheduled till late June and July when it will be super hot. Today it was ONLY 91. The hottest day i'd ridden in before today was maybe 80. Went out to do a lap of the course and didn't realize it was about a 10 mile lap. Made it back just in time to head to the start line and weazle my way on the front row. Felt OK for the first 1/2 of the first lap but the heat just got to me and that course really doesn't suite me much. From that point on it was just a ride. Kristine worked my water & wheel pit and just about passed out from heat stroke. Worked my way up to 3rd basically do to others having mechanicals or heat related issues. Team mates from the Omaha store took the top 2 spots so LocalCycling boys took a top 3 sweep.