Sunday, June 3, 2007

Crocodile Rock - Perry Lake, KS

Today was round #3 of the Heartland Series. This was actually the first race in the series since the first two were rained out and rescheduled till late June and July when it will be super hot. Today it was ONLY 91. The hottest day i'd ridden in before today was maybe 80. Went out to do a lap of the course and didn't realize it was about a 10 mile lap. Made it back just in time to head to the start line and weazle my way on the front row. Felt OK for the first 1/2 of the first lap but the heat just got to me and that course really doesn't suite me much. From that point on it was just a ride. Kristine worked my water & wheel pit and just about passed out from heat stroke. Worked my way up to 3rd basically do to others having mechanicals or heat related issues. Team mates from the Omaha store took the top 2 spots so LocalCycling boys took a top 3 sweep.