Sunday, June 3, 2007

KC Cup - Heartland Series #4 - Blue Springs, MO

After several well-deserved weekends off to live life like a normal human being, The KC Cup kicked off the mtb fun again. This is the 2nd race in the Heartland Series (after the first 2 rained out and rescheduled) We had quite a bit of rain leading up to the race but the organizers did a great job of working with the course. It was quite muddy and slick the first lap but started to dry up and got very sticky in the later laps. Got the holeshot and just worked up the first technical climb with 1 guy hanging on to me. I was able to get a small gap and worked it till I was out of sight, then set my attention towards catching as many of the Pro/Semi/19-29 experts that I could. Only caught 2 since we started many minutes after them. Hung on for the win in 30-39 Expert and expanded my lead in that series. Looking forward to getting as many races done before the real heat hits us later this summer. Ciao.