Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Midwest Fat Tire Series – Dornword (Topeka) KS

Another HOT and HUMID day, but at least it wasn’t as hot as last years all-time record. The trail system that Tom Travis has put together out there is pretty impressive and very technical. Some good rain Saturday morning made the course a little slick in some spots but overall made for perfect traction. I got the hole shot with Greg Shimonek and Stephen Jarret all over me. I led for the first lap and a half but with ½ the race still to go had to throttle back and conserve. Greg shot by and was gone. I was able to stay ahead of Stephen for a while but it was just holding him up so once he got by he was gone. I basically just rode the 3rd lap in survival mode and settle for 3rd place in Vet EXpert. Kent McNeil (Trek Store – Omaha) put the wood to the Expert class. Former team-mate on CowTown Tige Lamb came in 2nd after a race long battle with Badger’s Cameron Chambers.

NOTE: No picture because my photographer, the lovely Kristine, was in California visiting with her family.