Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Midwest Fat Tire Series - Drywood Creek State Park – Farlington, KS

Some heavy rains in the KC area scared a lot of people away. The course, located about 90 minutes due south of the metro received a good soaking in the early morning hours but the weather was great during the race. I was off and running away with the vet expert win but still needed a fast time towards the overall. I was able to stay with (younger) Expert rider Jason Stiger for most of the race but the heat started to get to me. On this course, once you start loosing speed over the rocks, it’s all over from there. Cameron Chambers was WELL up the trail easily taking the fastest time of the day with Jason 2nd and myself (winning Vet) coming in 3rd overall. Me and Kristine enjoyed a nice picnic after the race but had to run for cover then an impressive storm came through the race site. Heavy rain, thunder and lighting lasted about 30 minutes.