Monday, April 14, 2008

KC Royals game and Snow in April

I had tickets to Friday night's KC Royals game against the Minnesota Twins. COLD and WINDY sums up the weather. The Royals started the season great but didn't play good at all on Friday. We left in the 7th with the score 5-0 Twins leading. Had a foul ball rip a wicked curve over the net behind home plate and hit the stairs about a foot from me. No way i'd even attempt the catch that thing. I tried to catch one a few years ago and almost broke my hand, and that was a blooper straight up and down. This ball on Friday would have killed someone. Check out the new scoreboard! That's the largest hi-def plasma screen you'll ever see in your life. Almost TOO big. There's so much information on it, you end up stairing at it instead of watching the game.