Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Commuting and the Tuesday Night Crit

For those of you that were out there last nite, it just goes without saying. I could have used a diving mask and snorkel. I managed to hang in there till just before the bell lap. Not bad considering I rode to work and back Monday and Tuesday (18 miles each way), and was on my usual single-ring cross bike with 32's. I appreciated the extra rubber in the turns once there was standing water in them. No crashes! Everyone was going through the turns fairly fast since nobody had any braking to speak of. I took that flyer for those first few laps before the rain started. Felt OK but I paid for that about 40 minutes later. The rain actually let up towards the end but hit me with a vengenace on the 15 minute ride home. Didn't matter at that point, once you're that wet, you can't get wetter.