Thursday, July 10, 2008

Update for the Week

1,328 miles and counting. That's what 36 days of riding to work and back so far this year adds up to. That's about 4.5 tanks of gas in my truck at about $55 per fill-up. The morning rides in were sure easier when it was 40-50 degrees. Even 65-70 with 90% relative humidity makes for a wet dripping mess. Then there's the ride home! The hottest ride home so far has been 90 degrees, but it was windy as hell and not very humid that day, so it wasn't that bad. I fully expect things to get much, much worse. Fortunately my ride home has numerous drinking fountains so I can drink as much as I need to.
My Final MTB race of the season MIGHT be this Sunday (MWFTS Smithville Lake). I say MIGHT because my last race of the season might have been 3 weeks ago (Heartland Landahl). 89 degrees is the magic number for me this year. I just don't want to race hotter than that any more. Been there/done that and don't want to go back! I'm a 'cross guy now so bring on the snow and ice!