Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lenexa Dog Swim, Lake Lenexa, and 'cross!

Perfect weather this past weekend. Got in some perfect 'cross training Saturday morning. First ride on the primary race bike (with back up wheels) this year (race wheels are still aging in a cool dark place). Had a few of the normal bugs to work out but now it's 100% ready. Took Louise (the cute white dog) to the Lexexa Dog Swim at the Ad Astra Pool. She did great. Not a real big swimmer. She just sorta floats around.
After the dog swim, it was time for 'cross session #2. Had another good hard session followed up with 5 tough run-ups.

Later that afternoon, I decided to take Kristine out the the new Lake Lenexa/Blackfoot Park. I've been riding thought there since last year but she'd hadn't seen it yet. Perfect weather for a perfect walk in the park.