Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week in Review

Got in a great week of riding last week, before the rain starting Thursday night. Another windy as hell Tuesday Night Crit. The field was already broken up into 3 or 4 different groups by the lap 3. Curb-to-curb echelon up the hill and single file in the gutter down the hill. I never could get any draft off anybody for very long. It sucked. I pulled the plug after 20 minutes and took an extended route home. Wednesday I tried the Hump Day Hill Ride for the first time. It never really fit into my schedule since Wednesday is usually reserved for off-road. Trails were still a mess so why not do something different. I rode for about an hour 15 minutes over to the start at Bates City BBQ. Group finally left and we meandered along for about 15 minutes or so. I've ridden Midland plenty of times, but I'd never ridden that first "Lawrence Hill" so that was new. Nice stair-step climb. My cross bike creaked and moaned all the way up just like my legs did. Still managed to stay with the front group. Next hill was Renner. Longer but nothing steep. The last climb that I did with the group was Woodland. Since I live at the top, and did over an hour of riding before the group ride, I was ready to head home. The climb on Woodland is flat at the bottom, gradually rolls a bit steeper as you go, then finally kicks towards the top. I can't really go easy on a climb, then do a hard acceleration, so I went to the front and rolled on the gas to keep the group under control. About half way up, I really turned the screw and really strung it out. The legs fell apart about 100 feet before the top however. Thursday I got in a couple laps of SMP before the rains hit. Sold my '69 Nova over the weekend. Had it 6 years and just ran out of money, motivation, and knowledge to finish it off. I would have had to turn it over to someone else to finish anyway so might as well sell it and maybe get something else down the road. Crappy weekend for riding, finally got out late Sunday afternoon for a quick spin. Crazy wind for yesterdays ride. Hope that doesn't continue for the Tuesday Night Crit tonite. Probably do the Hill Ride again Wednesday, then maybe ride into work later in the week. Looks like another crappy weather weekend coming up. Great!