Monday, November 26, 2007

Jingle Cross - UCI Elite races, Iowa City, Iowa

Day one: Very Cold. Got a descent start and stayed on the right wheels at least. The course had a nasty climb which suited me, but got very ugly in the closing laps. Very steep at the top and the 42x26 hurt. Buried myself 10 times over to stay in the money. Ended up 21st out of roughly 39 starters and stayed on the lead lap. Todd Wells put the hurt on Chris Horner and Bjorn Sealander.

Day tow: COLD! Got a crappy start and just never really felt in control of my legs. The main climb/desent was now reversed, making a brutal run-up (for mortal human beings) that you could re-mount and climb the top portion, followed by the a fast bumpy descent (yesterdays climb). Todd Wells and Chris Horner were riding up the run-up, even after they placed logs at the bottom. Beyond impressive if you ask me. He would hop the logs and almost be at a complete stand still, then just power up it. The crowd was going insane as he did they on EVERY LAP. Meanwhile back in the "laughing group", I was not laughing at all. Lower back was DONE, and the legs never had anything to even attempt a moderate stride up this thing. Mananged to get lapped by Todd and Chris so at least I had 1 less lap than some and ended up in 24th, in the money baby. BOTH DAYS! BOOYA