Monday, November 19, 2007

Nebraska Cyclocross #4 - Lincoln, NE

A light over-night rain and MUCH COLDER temps were on tap for Sunday's series final race. With the course reversed, making for a long paved start, caos insued. These starts are crutial so I made sure I was where I needed to be. I got on the wheel of Bill Stolte and Adam Mills and the 3 of us started to pull away. Behind us, the chase was on with Adam Lang, Troy Krause, and Darren Shlake, and Cameron Chambers. Bill Stolte would put in a surge and leave me and Mills behind periodically but then seem to wait up for Mills to get back on. I was doing a little work as possible since I knew the Mills was way stronger and would eventually put me in trouble. I could see this coming so I let him guy and allowed the chase group to come up. Cameron tried a few attacks but was plagued by mechanicals and was never a factor later on. Once again it came down to me and Schlake and Adam Lang. Adam would eventually fade leaving me and Darren fighting for 3rd and 4th. Darren was going for the Nebraska State Title, and with Troy Krause and Jesse Petersen not too far back, we worked together to make sure he got the State title and I got the series. He would pull down the long paved road while I would keep the pass going on the grass. All worked out and now it's time for the UCI Jingle Cross races in Iowa next weekend.