Monday, December 3, 2007

Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali

Spent the weekend in SoCal with Kristines family to watch the big UCLA vs USC game, drink plenty of beer, and exchange some early x-mas gifts. Heading for the airport right after work on Friday. Southwest Airlines is always a comedy show with wings and this time was no exception. Any plain heading for Vegas (we though though Vegas on the way to the O.C.) on a Friday night is bound to have a few drunks or people trying to get drunk. The row in front of us had 3 girls heading out to LV for a bachorlette party. The Plane left KC about 30 minutes late due to bad weather in Vegas. No big deal if we were only going to Vegas, but we had a catch the connecting flight (more on that one below). The 3 stewardess's (2 chicks and 1 dude) offered a free drink to any passenger that could guess their combined age. After about 30 minutes, they came though the cabin and wrote everybodies guess down. After reviewing the results, they announced that only 1 person on the whole plane guessed the right answer: Row 9, on the right-side of the plane, in the middle seat? Since it's Southwest, nobody know's what row their in so everybody starts looking around and eventually everybody is looking at me :-) YEP, I got it. I free Heini ! Know the rest of the story about our connecting flight. Since we left KC 30 minutes late and only had a 1 hr layover in LV, we had to hussle to out next gate. We look on the Departures board and it isn't even listed. Uh Oh. Some random guy laying on the floor under the departures board pipes in: "you lookin for Orange County, it hasn't been up there in hours, don't know when it's leaving.............". Great! We find a Southwest person that directed us to a gate. We get there and find out that 2 different planes are coming in to that gate and depending on which one gets there first, that will determine the next flight leaving that gate. Fortunately, the right plane made it first and we were soon (albeit about an hour late) on our way to Orange County. Saturday was spent tail-gating (on the couch) and eventually watching USC give the Bruins a beating. X-mas gift exchange and a fantastic prime-rib dinner ended the evening. Sunday was spent walking the 2 dogs (Kona and Sammy) up at the Huntington Beach off-leash area. After that it was back to the airport for the flight back to the cold crisp air of KC. Now i'm at work, falling asleep 'cause I hit the pillow at 2am this morning and up at 6.