Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kansas State Cyclocross Championships

COLD, COLD, COLD. The temps were in the high teens, and the ground covered some fresh frizal (that's freezing drizzle). The paved sections of the course had to be taken out since they were like ice rinks. The rest of the course was acutally fun and challenging. The "run up" was actually ridable for all the guys in my 1/2/3 race. The turnout was rather small with only 4 guys braving the elements. Shadd Smith and Cameron Chambers set the early pace with me pulling up the rear and not doing very good at it. I kept Cameron close for the first half of the race but faded from that point on. The only other guy in the race, Joseph Smaltz, was no where close behind me so it was just a solo training ride for the last 25 or so minutes. I never did feel my toes the whole race, or for about 30 minutes after the race. Thankfully the race venue (a high school) hot showers available so I rode straight from the finish line to the showers to unthaw. Kristine bundled up and braved the weather and got some great pics. She had my street cloths and towel waiting for me as I ran to the showers. Right now, it's super cold out here but it's supposed to warm up before Nationals next weekend so that course could turn into a real mess.