Thursday, September 25, 2008

1 cx race down .... 20 something to go.....and the 29'er

OK. Last weekend after I got back into town from the Hermann Night Race, I took the new Niner out for it's first REAL mtb ride. It had been about 5 weeks since i'd ridden out there. It's ROCKY AS HELL! I don't remember it being that bad at the 3hr race there back in July. We've had about 2 feet of rain since then. I've been racing a full-suspension bike for the last 10 or so years, so this was an eye opener. I need to re-think the whole "keep your ass on the seat and just don't stop pedaling" concept that has won me more races over the last decade, I don't even remember going to some. Anyway, got the first real ride in the books and made a few adjustments. Last night I went back out there "at speed". Since i'm not running tubeless just yet, running 25psi was a huge risk and the end result wasn't avoided.