Monday, September 29, 2008

DeStad Diamond Blackfan Cyclocross

I'm fortunate that I haven't had too many bad 'cross races over the years, but yesterday was definately the worst one ever. Just wasn't hydrated properly and the body didn't react well to the un-seasonable 85'ish degrees. Huge turnout. I got the perfect start, came through lap 1 in 3rd, and settled in with the eventual podium finishers. After about 15-20 minutes, the power output just shut down like someone flicked a switch off. Once guys started blowing by me that never blow by me, I was just mentally not in it anymore. At that point I was just turning the pedals over. I should have just pulled out and reduced the damage but I don't like pulling out of races. Super dehydrated, headache, feel like crap. Rather embarassing to finish like that but it happens to everybody at some point. *******mystery solved: the Pollen count and air-born mold count have been through the roof that last few days with the warmer-than-normal weather. My allergies tend to flair up whenever the weather changes drastically and it sure did last week right before the race. Hopefully FALL is finally here for good and I can break out the long-sleeves.