Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cross Nationals - Elite race

72nd, 4 laps down. Not quite as good as my 41st and 1lap down from last year. It was $%#%#$ cold and windy and hell. It was 60 degrees in the morning when I loaded up my truck and about 30 when I got to the race site. Not sure how low the temp actually got during the race, but the wind chill was pure brutality. I was just too cold and never really got a good warm up before the race to do anything.
I got a good start in the race but the pace up the hill the first time was insane. Traffic jams and crashes in every turn. One guys front wheel came off and he almost took me down running back to get it. When Trebon went by me climbing up the hill, he was going at least double my speed. The officials never really pulled lapped riders. The only thing I every saw was the finish line official making a throat-slitting motion. I did at least 3 more laps than I needed to, but I was never sure. Last year the officials litteraly came out on course and directed you off. I pulled off the course right after the finish line and Trebon won about 30 seconds later. My legs were still dead from the Masters race yesterday. If I ever race Nationals again (unlikely unless they are back in KC) I need to just focus on the Masters race. I'll leave the Elite race to those that don't have 9 to 5's