Monday, December 22, 2008

I've fallen....and I can't get up!

Global warming my ass. Way to cold (for me) to ride outdoors. I tend to not plan time off during the winter. I just let the weather tell me when to do it. Last week was it. I was wrecked after Nationals and needed a physical and mental break. The weather last week was crap. I don't mind riding in the cold, but riding on ice is not much fun. Last year at this time, I was riding everynight REGARDLESS, and I definatly rode in weather that was JPS (just plain stupid). I figured after taking Monday thru Thursday of last week off, I was ready for a spin outdoors Friday after work. It wasn't all that cold, still below freezing but mid-to-upper 20's at least. Roads were clear (thanks to the salt) but the sidewalks, paved bike trails, and anything that had snow on it earlier in the week, was now melted and re-froze. The worst. Managed to get out to Lake Lenexa, but the loop around the lake wasn't very do-able. I then proceeded to head out to Shawnee Mission Park. the paved trail heading out there was all frozen up. Finally got out there, went about 2 foot into the trail and fell over. I think I put both feet on the pedals and went to actually start pedaling but the bike stalled on a rock or something, bars turned, still clipped in, and over I went. Definatelly ranks pretty high up on "the list" (...of the most stupid things ever down on a bike). Thought for sure my left arm and hand were broke since I landed in a pile of rocks. I was finally able to get up and take inventory. Nothing broke that I know of, in my arm anyway. My left hand has a wicked bruise on it and my shoulder got tweeked. Planning on staying on the rollers until the weather gets better (ie all the ice is gone and NOT in the single digits).