Monday, January 19, 2009

The Off-Season

Nice to have some time to "reflect" on this past 'cross season, and NOT have to worry about riding at the right heartrate for right amount of time. Won 3 "A" races (2 more than the previous season) but I wouldn't call those deep fields by any means. They were good for the moral and the pocketbook so they were great from that standpoint. Early part of the season was plaged by some mis-timed preparations and some nagging mechanicals. I eventually corrected the preparation part of that but the nagging mechanical lingered for a while longer and cuminated with some verbal profanity at the State Championships race.
Now I have about a month or so to do whatever the hell kind of rides I want and not stress about it. This past weekend was a case of extreme weather changes. Went out Friday night in 2" plus of that fresh powder that fell over night. Just rode down the street to Lake Lenexa and did a couple laps. Once the sun was completely down, the temps took a nose dive to around 20, sending be home in a hurry. Saturday morning was a group ride out at Shawnee Mission Park. Trek Store guys Tom Price, Scott Stevens, and Marko, 360's Andy Lucas and Brian Williams, KU's Shad Shreiner, and my teammate Joe Houston. The weather was warming up fast but the hard-packed snowy trails were perfect for a while. My dry-hardpack tire setup wasn't ideal and I hit the ground once rather vigorously. The snow was melting fast and we exited the trails well before making a mess. By late afternoon, almost all the snow was melted away. Sunday I was pretty thrashed so I went for an easy "paved" ride on the 'cross pit bike. Felt terrible but that's what the off-season is for right? My 'cross "A" bike is now hung up till next August. Took the various pieces off of it that I stole off of my road bike, and put the road bike back together. MIGHT do a few road events this year given the limited MTB races in the area.