Monday, January 26, 2009

Off-Season - Part Deux

I nice light dusting of snow Friday night made for a perfect weekend of MTB riding, albeit super ass cold. Saturday morning I couldn't quite get up early enough to meet the group at Landahl at 9am, so I headed over to Shadd Smiths house and we rode over to Minor Park. It was in the single digits when Shadd, Mike Palito, and I left his house at 10am. The exposed windy ride over to Minor was brutal. Wind chills hovering well below zero. We got there and collected the rest of the group and into the trails we went. I had never ridden these trails (yes, after 5 years of living here). Very cool and technical. The light covering of snow (more like little ice pellets) on the ground made for pretty descent traction. After a couple hours, the the sun was starting to melt some of the snow, especially on the rocks. Temps still never got above the low teens.
Sunday I some-how managed to crawl out of bed and meet the CowTown group at Landahl before 8am. Still cold but nothing like Saturday. It's amazing how nice 15 feels after riding in 5. Trails were rock hard and fast. We did a bit of everything out there. All the normal race trails plus all the steep rocky crap they never use for races. Got in a solid 2.5 hours and back home by noon'ish. More snow on the way, yeahhh.