Monday, February 2, 2009

Off-Season - Part 3

Saturday, first actual road ride (on my road bike) since..... about last year at this time. Nothing beats 60 degrees in January when it 6 last Saturday. I got on the road early and managed to get 4 hours in. Nothing hard, just steady calorie burning. Changed the oil and did the tire pressure in 2 vehicles and washed a third. Got my wig worked on, then enjoyed some vietemese food at Saigon 39 in KC Mo.
Sunday I was junk. I don't do 4hr rides very often so the legs weren't up for much. A quick 90-minute spin on the paved trail was about all I felt like doing. Walked down the street for the Home Owners Association board of directors voting (I was up for Treasurer). Then it was Super Bowl SUNDY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY !

Here's a couple vintage race pics: