Monday, February 23, 2009

Off Season - Part 4

Finally getting some descent hours in on the bike, and not just junk miles on the road bike. Good 3 hrs out at Clinton Lake on 2/21 helping map out the upcoming Devils Revenge course followed by a good 4 hr paved-trail ride on 2/22. I am working Devils Revenge race instead of racing it. My commuting season got off to an early start on Feb 25th. A little brisk on the way in but the ride home was warm and sunny. Got in plenty of laps out at SMP last week. 12 to be exact. Would have been 15 if I hadn't ridden to work and back Wednesday. This past weekends blizzard was a bit made the trails a bit slick Saturday morning, but they packed down nice for a few fast laps on Sunday. Those trails will be SOL this whole week so I'll try to commute in later this week. I stepped on the scale this morning, bad idea. Closer to racing Clysdale than I am my typcial race weight. Probably not racing much this year, other than cross season and some Tuesday Niters. Those that know me know the story so I won't elaborate on it here. I'm not missing anything. I've "been there/done that" 10 times over