Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tasty Singletrack!

As I watch the pouring rain and hail build up on my deck, I'm so glad I hit the trails for a hour tonite before this crap blew in. Trails at SMP were BONE DRY and gates still closed. I'm in good shape right now, not great, but the lack off off-road riding really hurts the technical skills. The Bonebender 3/6hr race is coming up. Could be my last mtb race of the year. Heading out to sunny SoCal in a couple weeks to celebrate my big 40th birthday with family, both mine and Kristines. My beloved little white dog Louis gave us a little scare. She broke off a tooth so we got her antibiotics just incase. She seemed to really slow down and we feared the worst. We've since taking her off those and she's starting to perk up again. We're hoping she just had a bad reaction to the meds and she'll be back to her fiesty self in no time.