Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chris Cross - Lawrence, Kansas 10/14/07

Following yesterday completely horrific performance up at Spooky Cross in Des Moines. I wasn't sure what to expect the following day. Sunny and warm temps turned taking illegal water-bottle hand-ups a fine art without the USCF official catching on. I got a perfect start right behind Shadd Smith (HRRC/Trek Stores) , Bill Stolte (HRRC/ Trek Stores), and Mathew Ankney (Mercy Cycling). Shadd and Mathew checked out rather early leaving Bill Stolte, Myself, and Brad Sullivan (Local Cycling.com) in chase group #1. Behind us, a large chase group #2 had formed with some farily fast guys including David White (KCOI Boulevard Brewery), David Hejduk and Adam Lang( both Team X), and Cameron Chambers (Badger), and a few others. About 20 minutes into the race I started loosing power and dropped off from the first chase group with Bill and Brad and was caught by the 2nd group. All six guys in the 2nd group blew by me and I wasn't even staying with that group. At about 40 minutes in, I was feeling better and noticed that 2nd group was fragmenting and I was gaining some ground back. The moral took a little boost when I started catching them back. One by one I was able to bring all 6 of those guys back and get back on the final podium spot in 5th. Sometimes you just feel really good or really bad with no real explanation of how or why.