Monday, October 15, 2007

Des Moines, Iowa - Spooky Cross #1

Rode like a true champ.....for the first couple laps anyway. Then the champ turned into a chump. After leading the first lap and getting the prime, I just didn't have it when the race actually got fast. Got a descent start and rode up a very steep, greasy hill while everbody in front of me ran. I rode right by everybody and ended up leading by the top. That probably wasn't the best strategy considering the guys I was now in front of. After crossing the line to take the lap 1 prime, the legs just turned to rubber and the wet spongy grass seemed to feel 1 foot thick. I immediately dropped back to 5 th and tried to hold off Troy Krause but the moral was sliding and so was my pace. The misery wasn't over. Now in 6th, I had another guy bridging up to me and couldn't hold him off. I figure after a 3 hour drive, my legs just weren't really in the mood. Another race tomorrow at Chris Cross - in Lawrence, KC.