Monday, December 7, 2009

Boss Cross #4 - Cold temps and heavy legs

After taking a full week off the bike after the Nebraska Lincoln races, and celebrating Thanksgiving with family in SoCal wearing flip-flops, I wasn't expecting much from the legs. Thanksgiving weekend was my first weekend of no racing since 'cross season began on September 19th. Only managed to get a couple hours of outdoor riding during the week before Saturdays race. 20 degrees feels worse after you've spent a week in the 70's. Got the jump in the Masters 35+ race with Doug Plummer right behind me and Josh Taylor close as well. I could already tell this was going to be a rough one. Doug got by me pretty quick and I just tried to stay with him until the first good climb. I got by him but he stayed close for a while before slowing dropping back. I had to ease up a bit and only went hard enough to keep from getting caught. Steve Songer, who won the 45+ race going away, started 20seconds behind our group and caught me on the 3rd lap or so, going by me like I was sitting still, and finished at least 1 minute in front of me. I'd say that put's me about 2 mins off from my Pre-Thanksgiving speed. Considering we know have several week before the next race, it will be a challenge to get back up there.