Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Off-Season - Almost

There is 4 weeks between Boss Cross #4 December 5th and my next race (maybe Cross Out the Old Year December 31st or Epic Cross on January 3rd. That's a long way to keep the engine all fired up. Last week was crazy-ass cold so I only rode twice all week and both times were inside on the trainer for an hour. I'm sort of at the bottom with no where to go but up. My motivation to ride outside when it's single-digits is ZERO, and very-little when it's anything below 20. Since it's dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home, I can only do night rides Monday through Friday. I don't have one of those part-time jobs that allows me to ride in the middle of the day on a week day. This past weekend was the first weekend I could actually just ride(without racing) since September 12th/13th so I took advantage of that. Did 3+ hrs on Saturday. Hadn't did a ride that long since this past Summer, and it felt like it. Got out Sunday and did 2hrs and that felt like 4. I just kept telling myself "this is the bottom, looking up". This week just trying to nail down some good "structured" riding. Hopefully after this coming weekend, i'll have all the junk blown out.