Monday, December 28, 2009

Too much of a good thing!

I was looking forward to getting to some doing snowy mtb rides in. So much for that. Leaving work at 1pm on Thursday, the freezing rain was just starting. Eventually it turned to snow but the damage was done. I attempted to head out on the cross bike but that ice rink below the 1" of fresh powder made just getting out of my driveway scary unpredictable. Saturday I figured everybody would be hitting the trails so I ventured out. Roads were a slushy mess from all the salt so I jumped on the Mill Creek paved trail, or attempted to. Axle deep snow...on average. some spots 6" then a 2ft drift. Took about an hour to go 2 miles. Made it over to the trails to find not a single bike track, or foot prints, or car tracks. Way to deep to ride. No way was I headed back the way I came so I took the road back home.