Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Cross - Kansas City, Missouri

This race was a late addition to the schedule this year but since it was sponsored by my team and the teams new shop sponsor (Epic Bike & Sport), better show up and fly the colors proud. Very interesting course located in and around the shopping complex. Completely flat with a lot of 180 degree turns and not the U-turn variety either. The ground was frozen but the melting snow made the top surface extremely muddy. No barriers due the risk of crashing while dismounting. One run-up on some big landscaping rocks. Good amount of paved sections (sidewalk or cobbled pavement). Bill Marshall "anticipated" the start and got the holeshot with Shadd Smitth falling in 2nd, Kyle Bush in 3rd and myself in 4th. We all hit the run-up together and Shadd quickly got by the Holeshot King Bill. I was momentarily stuck behind Bill and Kyle but i waited for the first icy and muddy stretch to shoot by and go after (wishfull thinking) Shadd. I got by both Bill and Kyle quickly and things were looking good, till the first few hairpin turns. I was able to ride the tight turns but Kyle was dismounting before each turn and running them, which was quick and took up plenty of room on the narrow course. He tried to run past me exiting one turn while I was riding. I didn't want to lose the position and let Shadd get away so I held my ground. Once I got Bill and Kyle out of my way, I set my sights on keeping Shadd to a respectfull sub 1-minute gap by the end. Cameron Chambers was able to get by Bill and Kyle and had 3rd locked up till a BAD leg cramp in the final 100 yards that forced him to DNF. He won the single speed race earlier in the day so things were too grim. Bill Marshall inherited the 3rd spot ahead of Kyle Bush in 4th.