Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Smithville Lake Full Moon Ride

Icy trails, 10 degrees, and a full moon out. Perfect time for a "no lights" MTB ride, so I hitched a ride up to Smithville Lake with Tige Lamb. I actually had 2 different light systems on, but keeping with the theme of the ride, I played along and tried my best to follow those infront of me. Trails were fairly descent and hard-packed, except for some sections that hadn't been ridden or ran on yet. You can tell by the pic that we were putting out some real heat. The fun really started on the way home. If you ever hear any loud grinding noise from the front end of your vehicle while driving, make a point to check this out. Locke's van turned into a 3-wheeler on the way home after the desintegrated front rotor bearings ground thought the rotor and the whole wheel, brake caliper and all, felt off. This happened when he was backing up at about 1 mph (to park it and leave it), so we had to laugh because he was going 70 the whole time before this. photo of me and Tige, and of the automotive carnage, courtesy of chris Locke.