Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boulevard Cup 'Cross Race - Kansas City

No comment, other than I rolled my rear Challenge Grifo clincher off, causing the tube to bulge out and hit the brake pads. This happend early in the race so my pit bike saw more miles than it should have. That's happened twice this rear. Always caused when the tire slides out, then catches on something. I have been running these things redicuously low, like 30psi. Anyway, that really only lost me 1 place on the results. The legs weren't up to par and haven't been since Omaha. The Bouleveard course was super fast and smoot, which is my worst nightmare. To my own credit, I'm not sure my health has been 100% lately. The warm weather has my allergies raging, and that can lead to weird flu-like symptoms. My right shoulder is still messed up from that crash at the Topeka night race. It hurts enought that riding the MTB off-road is out of the question.