Sunday, October 26, 2008

DeStad Series - Smithville Lake Day 1

Feels awesome to be back actually "racing". After last weekends race, I took a good look at my riding schedule over the last few weeks and found a serious series of mistakes. I've been so busy, I hadn't picked up on the fact that I hadn't switched my training programs and did my normal phase one for a few weeks longer than I did last year. I changed into my normal phase 2 this week and ohhh what a huge difference. I got my normal good start out with Shadd Smith and Bill Marshall with everybody else lined up behind us. After a few laps, Cameron Chambers came by by and was off and running. Josh Johnson was still behind me but this is his typical race stategy: start slow, then rocket up to the front and go clear. Sure enough, he came by me and was gone. I could see him catch Cameron, then Shadd not longer after that. Bill Marshall dropped back leaving me in 4th. I felt super good on the course and could put out some high watts for the entire 60 minutes. The wind was brutal. Johnson took the win with Shadd Smith 2nd, Cameron Chambers in 3rd and 4th for myself. I was able to put time on the guys behind me in the closing laps. Very cool video our the race posted on Kyle Bush's blog .