Sunday, October 12, 2008

Series 60/Heartland Park Topeka Night Cross

Very cool venue and interesting course. 30mph+ on the dirt track interrupted with an bumpy infield mine field. I got a good start just behind Bill Marshall (Mercy/KCCX) as we led on the the dirt track for the first time. Me and Bill traded the lead spot back and forth for the first lap, while the fast guys behind were lining up and kill us. Joe Smaltz, Brian Jenson, Adam Mills, and Tom Price were lined up and quickly came by. I was doing OK sitting on this group till I crashed pretty hard on an infield turn. Kudos to Adam Mills for not running over my face as he was right behind me. I didn't know it at the time but both my front and rear tires were peeled off the rim and the tubes were exposed. I was still in the race and didn't lose much time but the following lap the exposed rear tube finally blew out. I had to run about 100 yards to the pit for a bike change. The pit bikes deep section wheels and very under-inflated Michelin's are on the pit bike for a reason, they suck compared to my "A" bike setup. I still managed to hang on for 9th. Aaron Elwell had passed be earlier and I was starting to real him in but ran out of laps. I felt OK but the late night start time was tough knowing I was getting up to race again the next day. The crash tweaked my right shoulder pretty good. I had separated it about about 19 years ago, then tore the rotator cuft in it about 7 years ago. Thankfully this time around wasn't that bad.